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About RoyCo Roofing & Construction

Founded in 1979 by "Big Roy", RoyCo Construction is the construction arm of RoyCo. Well known for its stealth modification of apartment buildings, and numerous accidental de-roofings.

Hailed "the leading expert in roofing quality", RoyCo Roofing received countless awards including the prestigious "Best Roofing Company" in 2013. It is also notable for being the only company to ever won the "holy grail" of roofing award, the "Leak Free Gaurentee" in 2003.

Now located in Roy, Washington, RoyCo Construction specializes in the import and installations of exotic roofing tiles, with supply chains reaching as far as New Zealand.

In 1999, Big Roy passed away, and the company was passed down to Little Roy, who is in charge today, with a whole team.

When Little Roy took over from his father, he decided that the current services just were not enough for the wonderful clientelle, and decided that expanding the services that we provide would be a great idea.

From roofing and construction needs, to vehicle and trailer transporting & distraction services, RoyCo is your one stop shop for anything you might need.

We offer too many services to list, so the best way to figure out if we offer a service, is to shoot us a messege asking if we have the service you're looking for.

We are proud to be here, and serve our wonderful clients. Over the past 40+ years, RoyCo has won many prestigous awards, such as "2013 Best Roofing Company", and the great 2003 Leak Free Guarentee. We also are valued members of many exclusive contracting groups, such as Roofers United. Our most famous roofing system, "Comfy Roofy" is our best selling product, and was one of the very first products we have sold, and got the constantly growing business off of it's feet. Now we are an exclusive seller and installer for them.